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About Surf Life Saving

Surf lifesaving is a volunteer, not-for-profit community based surf rescue service that operates in the summer months as fixed location patrols during daylight hours.

Our specialty is surf rescue plus we are first responders with an emphasis on resuscitation skills. We are trained in the use of portable oxygen and AED defibrillators. We can respond to local emergencies with urgency when patrolling.

We are easily identifiable on the beach thanks to our uniforms and flags being red and yellow and we have extensive resources including a large radio network.

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Our Patrol

Our patrol teams consist of a minimum of four volunteers all trained to respond to emergencies both on the beach and in the water.  Though we are trained to respond to emergencies, our main focus is on prevention, so please listen to our advice and swim between the flags.

Our volunteers are highly trained and hold qualifications in aquatic rescue, first aid, CPR and defibrillation.  Specialists in the team are additionally trained in beach management, Inflatable Rescue Boat driving and crewing and advanced resuscitation techniques.


Our Patrolled Beaches

Volunteer patrols are based at Bluff Beach, directly in front of the surf club, on all weekends and public holidays from the start of December until the end of March. 

We conduct frequent roving patrols to Coles Beach, Back Beach (Dog Beach) and the River Mouth. 

Our patrols operate 10am-2pm including Christmas Day (10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm)

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